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Clases de flamenco en Miami

Flamenco classes Miami

Flamenco Miami

Flamenco USA

Flamenco EEUU

Clases de flamenco

Flamenco classes

Clases de flamenco EEUU

Flamenco classes EEUU


Siudy Flamenco Program (SFP),is a Flamenco dance training system created by the dancer and choreographer Siudy Garrido.


From basic to advanced levels, it is an educational program suitable for all ages, offering a structured approach to the fascinating world of Flamenco. It is great for all audiences, offering them the opportunity to enter into this world.

On the professional level, dancers benefit in developing technique, speed and endurance.


SFP has explored new concepts of flamenco dance based on the integration of various artistic disciplines, such as, yoga, ballet, contemporary dance, and jazz, which have been contributing factors incorporated into an evolving flamenco form. Our own unique flamenco dance brand was established by swirling these traditional and contemporary techniques



  • ML: Multilevel. All Levels/Mixed Level (Min 1+Years of training).
  • L1 Bas: Basic (1 year training).

Pensum: Rumba and Introduction to Sevillanas

  • L2 Beg: Beginner (2-3 years of training) - Basic understanding of the discipline and general dance terminology.

Pensum: Sevillanas, Rumba, Fandangos, Marcajes por Alegrías and Tangos, Escobilla por Solea

  • L3 Adv Beg: Advance Beginner (3-5 years of training).

Pensum: Sevillanas, Alegrías and Tangos Choreographies, Escobilla por Solea, Marcajes with abanico

  • L4 Int: Intermediate (5-8 years training)- Complete understanding and proficiency in the discipline and general flamenco dance terminology.

Pensum: Sevillanas, Alegrías and Tangos Choreographies, Escobilla por Solea, Guajira with abanico

  • L5 Int Adv: Intermediate Advance (8-10 years of training)
  • L6 Adv: Advance (10+ years of training) • Pre-professional • Professional





Ph: 305-301-5137

Address: 817 NE 125th st, North Miami, FL 33161


Classes :


  • ML Multilevel Technique: 1 ½ hours/week
  • L1 Basic: 1 ½ hours/week
  • L3 Beginner Advanced: 1½  hours/week
  • L4 Intermediate: 1½  hours/week
  • L5 Intermediate Advanced: 1½  hours/week


  • L1 Bas 1 hour/week
  • L2 Beginner: 2 hours/week
  • Ballet for Flamenco Dancers: 1 hour/week




Address: 2880 N Federal Hwy

 Boca Ratón, FL 33431

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  • L2 Beginner Advanced 1 ½ hours/week