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Siudy Flamenco Dance Trainning


Created by the dancer and choreographer Siudy Garrido; The Siudy Flamenco Dance Training videos offer an educational training system that provides all kinds of audiences the opportunity to enter the fascinating world of Flamenco dance.


BUY NOW!! $25.00

BUY NOW!! $25.00


Rumba is a Latin-influenced Flamenco rhythm that is cheerful, festive, and contagious. In this one-hour video, you will find all the necessary tools to dance Rumba Flamenca.

7 videos. 60 min



BUY NOW!! $25.00

BUY NOW!! $25.00


In this video you will work various basic exercises, percussive footwork, arm wrist and hand movement, and time signatures of "Alegría" and "Fandangos" (which are “Palos del flamenco") that will provide the basic tools to be able to dive into the fascinating world of flamenco.

11 videos. 77 min.  

BUY NOW!! $25.00

BUY NOW!! $25.00


In this video you will work various exercises of percussive footwork, wrist, arms, turns and new time signatures of Flamenco styles or “Palos”, such as, Soleá, Bulerías, Alegrías, and Tangos.  This will provide the tools necessary to have a trained body suitable for withstanding intermediate choreographies.

9 videos. 55 min.  

BUY NOW!! $25.00

BUY NOW!! $25.00


This is a video designed to train advanced level dancers seeking more stamina, speed, and clean performances in their Flamenco dance through footwork drills, turns, time signatures, and round offs of “Palos” like Soleá and Bulerías, which provide the necessary tools to have a body trained to deal with high-level choreographies.

11 Videos. 57 min. 

BUY NOW!! $80.00

BUY NOW!! $80.00


This is a composite of four videos of Siudy’s dance training.

Rumba — 1 hour.

Beginner Technique — 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Intermediate Technique — 1 hour.

Advanced Technique — 1 hour.

Total: 4 hours and 20 minutes.


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