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Classes & Workshops

Clases de flamenco en Miami

Flamenco classes Miami

Flamenco Miami

Flamenco USA

Flamenco EEUU

Clases de flamenco

Flamenco classes

Clases de flamenco EEUU

Flamenco classes EEUU


Siudy Flamenco Program (SFP),is a Flamenco dance training system created by the dancer and choreographer Siudy Garrido.


From basic to advanced levels, it is an educational program suitable for all ages, offering a structured approach to the fascinating world of Flamenco. It is great for all audiences, offering them the opportunity to enter into this world.

On the professional level, dancers benefit in developing technique, speed and endurance.


SFP has explored new concepts of flamenco dance based on the integration of various artistic disciplines, such as, yoga, ballet, contemporary dance, and jazz, which have been contributing factors incorporated into an evolving flamenco form. Our own unique flamenco dance brand was established by swirling these traditional and contemporary techniques


Pre-Flamenco (fixed classes)

Our Pre-Flamenco classes – Ages 4-5, are designed to provide a proper introduction to the fascinating world of Flamenco dancing. In these classes, we work primarily with the child’s psychomotor abilities with exercises designed to promote and encourage proper and basic body posture through floor exercises, while also stimulating their rhythmic and musical skills. This allows the child to familiarize flamenco music through educational games at an early age. This program will aid the child in making a smooth transition to the next level, Flamenco Kids.



Flamenco-Kids (fixed classes)

This program of flamenco dance technique starts at age six. In these classes, children will have the opportunity to start working percussive footwork, wrist, arms, hands, turns, and counting time signature techniques, as well as, simple choreographies gradually increasing in difficulty based on the group’s level. Furthermore, our Flamenco Kids classes are divided into two groups:


-     Flamenco Kids 1 (6-7 years old).

-     Flamenco Kids 2 (8-11 years old).



Flamenco-Teens (fixed classes)

Flamenco-Teens is directed to young people between the ages of 12-14 (the level of each course will depend on their prior dancing experience). These classes focus on training new generations of highly artistic performing dancers, offering a variety of tools to achieve greater effectiveness in the interpretation and use of techniques. Additionally, we focus on the rhythmic and musical abilities in order to interpret each song style or “Palo de Flamenco”.




These classes are generally fixed, based on the physical and mental training of the student  Whether they are at a beginners level or an advanced professional level. All of our levels, without exception, provide an artistic, intellectual, and physical benefit through a disciplined and structured approach tailored to the needs of each group.



Professional Training

The Professional Training classes at SFP are addressed to professional dancers who wish to achieve a higher performance in the flamenco dance. In this class we work on better control of the tempo in each “Palo” (Time Signature) studied, focusing on percussive footwork, palms, turns, and arms, as well as, combinations of beats and combinations of turns and footwork, in addition to the handling of props and accessories, such as, shawl, long dress “Bata de cola”, and hand fan at a professional level. Maintaining the body trained and the mind active is the best tool a Flamenco dancer could have as a professional dancer.



Flamenco Cycles with Siudy Garrido

These Flamenco Cycles with Siudy Garrido are 1 to 3 month weekly workshops, where Siudy can follow up on each individual student’s progress, thus achieving an important step up in the quality of the techniques. In each cycle, depending on their duration, one to three “Palos” are chosen throughout such workshop.



Master Classes and Short Workshops

Our master classes and workshops are taught by worldwide renowned flamenco artists. These master classes and workshops are open to all with prior experience and knowledge in the art of flamenco dance. Regular SFP students have discounts on these activities organized by our program. Our classes and workshops have been taught and presented in the USA, Canada, Latin America and soon will be expanding to other countries. Important guests include Diego Alvarez, and international dancers Farruquito, Antonio Canales, and Siudy Garrido.




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